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Monday, December 22, 2014

Baby Jesus Ornament #2

     Last year I shared with you a Baby Jesus ornament.  This year I had fun making a little bit of a different type with my 1st and 2nd graders in Sunday School.  I found the idea on Pinterest

     These were super easy to make.  I hot glued the craft sticks together to form a manger.  (I did this before the kids arrived.)  We put a brown paper backing behind the manger so we'd have something to stick the hay to (raffia).  The children cut the raffia themselves.  They glued on the raffia with regular glue.  Baby Jesus' face was cut from cream colored card stock using a quarter as a template.  The swaddling clothes were cut from some leftover white fleece I had.  Felt, burlap or wide ribbon would be other good options.  I hot glued a red chenille stem to the back so that it could be hung on the tree. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lottie Moon Tea Cookies

     December is the month when we (Southern Baptists) focus on The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions.  Last Sunday, I decided to share about Lottie Moon with the children during the morning service as part of a Children's Sermon.  I went HERE to get the idea for the children's sermon.  I shared with the children about Lottie Moon and her love for the people of China.  At the conclusion, each child received a bag of Lottie Moon's Cookies.  (I found the recipe on Pinterest.  I added a bit of baking soda.)  You can see my Pinterest Missions board HERE.

These are some of the easiest cookies ever to make.  I thought about Lottie and how she must have baked non-stop to give cookies to all those children in China 100 years ago!

Lottie used something as simple as a plain cookie to find an open door to share the Gospel--what could we use today?

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Isaiah 9:6 Christmas Ornaments (Sunday Morning with my 1st and 2nd Graders)

 This morning we were studying from the books of Isaiah and Micah the prophecies that foretold of the birth of Jesus.  How amazing that hundreds of years before Jesus was born the prophets wrote about Him as led by God!

The boys and girls were very excited when I told them we'd be making ornaments.  Each child chose one of the names of Jesus as given in Isaiah 9:6 and we put the name on their ornament.

Fun with glitter!

Monday, November 10, 2014

TOS Review: IXL: Math and Language Arts

Christmas Book Review

  Have you ever had those times during your homeschool day when you are not able to give your attention to "school" like you would like because of life happenings?  (If you're like me, this happens daily!)  For times like these, IXL Math and Language Arts can come to the rescue!  We have used IXL for the past year.  We have used both the math and language arts, but mainly the math program. 
      I have found the two best ways to learn a concept is through repetition and making a game out of it. IXL.com does both.  IXL is a computer program where your child(ren) can practice math or language arts skills.  Their motto is: "Practice that feels like play."
     My 8th grader and my 10th grader have used the program to fill in gaps and give practice towards their math and language arts skills.  Most recently, my son used it to review his Algebra 1 skills before moving on to Algebra 2.  It was a lot more fun than paper work! Since we used IXL mostly for math, that will be the main perspective from which I give this review.

How it works: 
     Like most online programs, the first matter of business is to establish a password and user name.  The parent does this along with creating a student profile.  You can even choose a fun icon that your child will like. 
     After the proper icon is clicked, a screen will appear with choices from kindergarten through Pre- Calculus.  Your child will click on the grade level s/he wants to practice on.  This will take them to another screen where all the skills are listed for that grade level.   The skills are grouped together accordingly.  (i.e. Percent skills are listed altogether.)  Your child can then click on the skill that they want to work on (or that you assign them).  When your child is choosing from this list, they will be able to see which skills they have mastered (There will be a gold ribbon beside the skill.) and what score they have so far.  This makes for easier selection.  
     Once a skill is selected, the practice begins!  The questions begin very simply, then get tougher as you move through. The questions are asked a variety of different ways to help insure mastery.  (For example: One problem may ask which numbers are prime, while another may ask which are not composite.) If your child gets an answer correct, the IXL program gives immediate feedback by saying on the screen, Fantastic!, Correct!, You Got it! or some other encouraging words. There are many other motivators, like watching your "smart score" getting closer and closer to the desired "100."  If  a question is missed, your score goes down several points, and you back up and have to answer several more "review" questions before moving ahead in your score.  Your student will also be given an explanation as to why they missed the problem.  Once you reach a score of "100" you will get a "well done" on the screen and a message that you have mastered the skill and that you have been awarded a gold medal.  You can then take a break, or continue practicing.  The whole process is very simple and straightforward. Not a lot of bells and whistles...just what's necessary. (But visually appealing!)

The Parent Connection:
     One of my favorite things about using IXL is the updates I get each week.  I get an email when my sons have completed 100 math problems.  I get a weekly email update letting me know the skills they are working on, their proficiency and how much time they has spent working on problems.
     The amount of time required for mom varies with each child and with each level.  For my teenage boys, very little is needed from me. I just usually assign that they master 3 categories.  Unless they get stuck or frustrated, they are able to work very independently with very little assistance from mom.  

Membership Costs:
Monthly: $9.95/one subject (Math or Language Arts) or $15.95/both subjects
Yearly:   $79/one subject or $129/both subjects

IXL Mobile APPS! 
Go HERE to find out more about IXL apps for iPad, Android and Kindle.


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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Blog Post Find of the Day...."How to Get More Out of the Preached Word of God"

     About a year or so ago, I had the title written for a blog post: "4 Ways to Hear a Better Sermon Every Sunday."  I never finished it.  I guess I worried about sounding too "preachy" as the pastor's wife.  Today I read this great blog post, "How to Get More Out of the Preached Word of God" by Shane Garrison. He said all that I wanted to say, plus a little more...and way more eloquently.  (Though I would add, "Pray for your Pastor.") Check it out....and see if you get more out of this Sunday's sermon this week! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Promoting VBS at Trunk-A-Treat

     Last year during a VBS clinic for Agency D3, I learned of a great idea about using Trunk-a-Treat as a creative way to promote your church's VBS.  (Last year's spy theme would have made a great trunk!)  The idea is simply to decorate your trunk in the theme of the upcoming VBS theme your church will participate in the upcoming summer.  Hand out "Save the Date" cards for your church's VBS. This year, I decided to try it! 

     Lifeway's VBS theme for this year is Journey Off the Map.  (Think Swiss Family Robinson.) There were no posters to be found, so I made my own with a transparency and overhead projector.  I covered my back seat with burlap, added tree branches and a walking stick.  Hanging from the van are fireflies.  We tried putting glow sticks inside, but it didn't show up too well.  I got the idea from Pinterest.  My dad had made a really cool shellacked stump, so that is what the candy is sitting on.  We handed out invitations for our VBS coming this summer.  

Once made, they can be saved each year and then a new glow stick can be added inside. The kids love flying these around the yard at night!  Could be a fun camping craft 

As a bonus....now I've got props ready for the VBS clinics I'll be teaching this winter/spring as well as for my VBS classroom!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

TOS Review: New Liberty Videos (Warriors of Honor)

New Liberty Videos Review
           When you hear the names "Robert E. Lee" and "Stonewall Jackson," what first comes to mind?  It will likely be something different once you and your family view the Warriors of Honor DVD by New Liberty Videos.  The Warriors of Honor DVD is a documentary covering the lives of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, highlighting their deep Christian faith lived out during the Civil War.  The film is 80 minutes long. (There are also 3 bonus segments on varying topics. The total time of the bonus topics is 21 minutes.) It covers background for both men. It shares about their family life: their wives and their children. It covers many of the battles of the war, a few of which were new to me.  It shares about their relationship with their soldiers.  Lee's life post-war is told about. Their deaths are also covered by the video.
     The film includes both pictures, reenactments and historians talking.  There is such variety, the documentary never feels stale.  The film was set up so that both Lee and Jackson were woven throughout.  It did not feel choppy.  
     My favorite parts were those that told of specific times and places. It was wonderful to hear of the heroism and humility of Lee and Jackson. The character of these men was truly incredible.  A secondary theme of this film was that of redeeming the reputation of the South.  Even though slavery was indeed an evil practice, it shared many positives of the Confederacy. 
 How we used the film..  
     We watched the documentary together one evening as a family.  I didn't want to do it during "school time," since I knew my history-loving husband wouldn't want to miss out. We watched all 80 minutes straight through because no one wanted to stop watching. (Well, we did pause it a few times for discussion and comments.)   My oldest son took American History last year, so throughout the movie it was good to hear him say, "Oh, yeah!  I remember studying that!"
  New Liberty Videos Review
Cost of Product:
Age Range:
General Audience
This is a film that includes many references (obviously) to the Civil War.  Therefore, there are war images: fighting, dead bodies, cannon fire, etc.
More New Liberty Videos: 
 Anthem for a Nation
The Forbidden Book 
Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls 
A Nation Adrift 
Teaching Origins Objectively 
Quotes from my sons: 
 "I thought the movie was great because it was willing to put away the idea that the South was entirely bad, and show us an example of two great Christian men."
-- age 16 
"I'm glad that this movie was able to show me the devotion to God that these two generals had, in which no secular book would have showed me."
--age 13
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